Fall Schedule 2020-2021   

715-8pm    Adult Ballet
745-830pm    Jazz Hip Hop 9-12
815-9pm    Adult Tap

Tuesday    36 weeks 

5-545pm    Ballet/Jazz 2-3
5-545pm    Ballet/Jazz 4-5

Wednesday    36 weeks

630-715pm    Acro 6-8
730-815pm    Jazz/Hip Hop ages 6-8
730-815pm    Acro ages 9-13

Thursday    36 weeks

5-545pm    Ballet 6-8
6-645pm    Jazz/Hip Hop 6-8

Friday    35 weeks

430-515pm    Parent and tot (ages 18mo-3yr)
430-515pm    Ballet/Jazz 4-5
530-615pm    Jazz/Hip Hop 9-12
530-615pm    Ballet 6-8
630-715pm    Ballet 9-12
630-715pm    Jazz/Hip Hop 6-8
730-815pm    Tap 6-10

Saturday    36 weeks 

10-1045am    Ballet/Jazz 2-3
11-1145am    Ballet/Jazz 4-5

Contact us today to secure your spot: spotondance@gmail.com

If you wish to audition for a spot in one of our Competitive Companies please email the studio.